Coterie is a full scale woodworking and metalwork shop.  We specialize in the renovation of bars, restaurants and retail spaces in Chicago and all over the nation.  We also design and build custom furniture for homes and offices.  Simply put, we create and provide beautiful furnishings solutions.  We build bars where people warm up, tables where people spill secrets, cash wraps where transactions take place, desks where deals are made.  Our Coterie exists to build foundations for your Coterie to come alive.

Full Scale Woodworking and Metal Shop

Coterie has years of experience, technical knowledge, and creative abilities, to help our clients turn their renovation dreams into reality. We create all kinds of furniture for businesses, homes, restaurants and retail stores and are committed to quality.  Coterie offers all types of custom furnishings for homes and offices and complete  woodworking and metal work services for restaurants, bars, and retail shops in Chicago. 

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